Bio/About Us

  • Introduction
    • Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us and the burden God has given us for England.

We are the Barrett Family: Riley, Whitney, Wemberly, and Arden.

Our sending church is Heartland Baptist Church Antioch, IL – Pastor Aaron Barrett.

  • Upbringing
    • Riley was raised in the home of missionary/church-planter Aaron Barrett. He is honored to be sent out of the church where he grew up. Whitney is from Eastland Baptist Church Tulsa, OK – Pastor Troy Dorrell. Both of us have the blessing of being raised in church by born-again parents.
  • Testimony
    • Riley put his faith in Christ at the age of 12 and Whitney at the age of 5. We praise the Lord for our early exposure to the gospel and parents who faithfully set us under the preaching of God’s Word till we recognized our need of salvation.
  • Education
    • After graduation from high-school Riley attended community college for a year and then felt God lead him to attend Heartland Baptist Bible College in Oklahoma City, OK. Whitney attended Heartland Baptist Bible College straight out of high-school. While single students we met, began dating, and were married between Riley’s junior and senior year of undergrad. Whitney completed an associate degree in music and Riley his bachelors in missions. Riley went on to complete a master’s degree in ministry through the Heartland Baptist Bible College Seminary.
  • Call
    • God called Riley to the field of England in a mission’s conference at Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City in 2010. Several days later Whitney surrendered to the field of England as well. God has continued to confirm and clarify our burden and call in the years proceeding.
  • Ministry
    • During our time in Oklahoma and since graduation, God allowed us to serve in various capacities. At Southwest Baptist Church we had opportunity to lead a church bus route, assist in special needs Sunday School and Sign Language ministry, attend soul-winning, and become leadership in a Sunday School class devoted to families preparing for full-time ministry.
  • Internship
    • Upon graduation from Heartland Baptist Bible College, we returned to Riley’s home church to serve as mission interns. Pastor Barrett allowed us to plan special event days for the church, Whitney began a sign-language class, and Riley lead evangelism efforts and preached regularly.
  • Survey Trip
    • In January of 2019 God gave us the opportunity to take a 5-week survey trip to England. We spent time with veteran missionaries Kent and Andrea Gossmeyer as well as Keith and Kimmy Cashner, we were also able to meet numerous other missionaries serving in England and the rest of the United Kingdom. In the years preceding our survey trip, God had burdened us specifically for the city of Manchester, England. It was also during this trip that God confirmed and increased our burden not just for England, but specifically for the people of Manchester.   
  • Goals
    • Once we have raised the necessary support to leave for the field, we will spend the first part of our time working alongside and learning from Kent and Andrea Gossmeyer. They have served faithfully in England for over 15 years and have a wonderful testimony among pastors and missionaries acquainted with them. After this time God has burdened us to move and begin to plant churches in the city of Manchester, England.
  • Closing
    • Again, thank you so much for taking the time to consider us as your missionaries to England!


Phone (262) 308-2167  Email barrettstoengland@gmail.com  

Sending Church Heartland Baptist Church •1350 Main St, Antioch, Il 60002 • (847) 838-5147 • Pastor Aaron Barrett