Recommendation Letters

Dear Pastor,

It’s a delight for me to be able to recommend my son, Riley Barrett and his wife, Whitney, and their two children, for your consideration as missionaries to England. Because he’s my son, I can confidently endorse him and his family, without any reservation.

Any pastor/parent would be thrilled to have one of their own children follow the Lord’s leading and calling wherever that might take them. Riley spent his years serving the Lord alongside myself and his mother here at Heartland Baptist Church. Whitney, his wife, spent her early years with her family at Eastland Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK.

Since their marriage they have continued faithfully serving in the local church, including Southwest Baptist Church in Oklahoma City, during his Bible college years, and then as a missions intern back here at our church, preaching, teaching, discipleship, leading outreach efforts, counseling, and both of them participating in the music program at Heartland. They are a dedicated young couple who sincerely love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Would you be willing to have them in your church to present the burden God has laid on their hearts for the people of England?  They are aware of the great challenge before them, but they are excited and willing to give their lives to the call of God, laboring obediently to spread the gospel of Christ. We are thrilled to serve as their sending church, but we cannot do it alone, so we ask for your cooperation in prayerfully considering supporting them, at the very least allowing them to represent the spiritual needs of England in your church.

Thank you, and God bless what you are doing yourself in the great mission field of this world!

In His Strength and Service,

Pastor J. Aaron Barrett



Dear Pastor,


 It is our pleasure to recommend Riley and Whitney Barrett to you as missionaries to England. My wife, Andrea and I, have been in England for the past 17 years church planting in the southwest corner of the country. In our time in the ministry prior to arriving here as well as during our tenure in Great Britain, we have met literally dozens of missionaries and missionary candidates. We can truthfully say we have met very few, if any, we are more excited about than the Barretts. We had the pleasure of spending several weeks with them here in England including a week they spent in our home and saw a couple that was not only grounded in spiritual matters but also grounded in the practical matters in life. The journey they have been on these last 10 years has prepared them for a great number of situations and difficulties that await them when they arrive here. We were impressed with their maturity, humility and with their attitude of service. 


 In a day and climate that only seems to produce one term missionaries, we feel that God has uniquely prepared Riley and Whitney to make an impact in Manchester, England and to stay the course. We ask you to prayerfully consider partnering with them in both prayer and finances to assist them serve where God has called them to.


Kent Gossmeyer


Dear Pastor,

It is my great honor to recommend to you the Riley Barrett family, missionaries to the country of England, sent out from the Heartland Baptist Church, Antioch, IL.

I have known Riley and his family for over 10 years.  I first met Riley and Whitney at Heartland Baptist Bible College, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma when they arrived as single students.  In 2015 after graduating with a Bachelors degree, God lead Riley to attend Heartland Baptist Seminary to further prepare for the field he believed God was sending him to. He graduated in 2017 with a Master of Ministry.

Brother Barrett and his family are not new to the ministry.  He was raised in the home of a church planter, Pastor Aaron Barrett, who planted Heartland Baptist 20 years ago.  Riley and Whitney have been serving as Missions Interns since graduating.  Riley has experienced evangelism, discipleship, preaching, and special music. He has planned and implemented activities for young adults and families at the church.  He and his family have a deep rooted love for God and His work.  They desire to honor God and help people as His servants as they reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Brother Riley has wonderful initiative, applying his energy to the task at hand.  He is competent, committed, honest, and has shown personal and professional integrity.  He and Whitney and their two children are on a focused mission of investing their lives in this work.

I trust that you will prayerfully consider what part you might have in helping and encouraging this family to the task at hand.  Please consider an invitation for them to present their burden for the work or preach a meeting.  Ponder the thought of assisting them by prayer or help in some financial way for this great work of the Lord in England.

I give my highest recommendation of Riley and his family to all concerned.

Forward with God,

Ed Pearson

Bible Department Chairman, Heartland Baptist Bible College

Dean of Heartland Baptist Seminary